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Hello there!

I am Stephanie, the owner and lead photographer of Olive and Joy Photography, where I get to create amazing photos of amazing people and places!  I have been a professional photographer for over 13 years, having the honor of documenting over 400 weddings and 3,000 families.  I, without a doubt, have the best job in the world and would love to share my passion for creatively freezing memories with you.

All About Me

My journey has been a bit of a winding path, and it has been filled with awesome adventures. I started my “career” studying to become a pilot (which I am – commercially rated and everything!)…so of course it would make sense that my logical steps would be from piloting to photography (I joke that I am actually making my way through the alphabet, pharmaceuticals then onto Petroleum Control Panel Operator)…but the truth is my passion for photography has been brewing since as early as I can remember.

I got my first camera at age 8 and started taking pictures of everything I could and submitting my work to local competitions. I continued to upgrade my equipment and my skills taking classes, researching new techniques and working hard in the field practicing different styles. Photography is freeing to me, allowing me to catch moments in time, the truest emotions, the feelings of this world and tell stories without words. It has brought me to some incredible places and has introduced me to even more incredible people – I truly love every second that I am behind my lenses!


Fun facts about me:

I am a San Diego transplant and love it, though I am originally from Western Washington and my heart will always be in Seattle no matter how far I wander.

And wander I do, I am an avid traveler and have been to over 50 countries and every continent including Antarctica where I lived my lifelong dream of watching penguins dive off icebergs and almost died of happiness.

When I am not taking photos, I am rescuing dogs and co-run a 501c3 called Elphie's Animal Alliance.

I love to read (nerd alert!) and am always on the hunt for a great book, so feel free to send suggestions to add to my TBR pile.

Being an Aunt is my all time favorite role - infact Olive & Joy Photography is named after my two youngest nephews, Oliver (who's name means dignity and beauty and is symbolized by the olive branch) and Asher (who's name means happiness and joy and is symbolized by a blue bird)

I have been lucky enough to travel all over the world for photos, from weddings in NY and Maui to commercial work in the Amazon jungle, no place is safe from my own Amazing Race and I will gladly go anywhere you need me, my passport is always current!

I am a whole hearted supporter, ally and outspoken advocate of the LGBTQIA+ community and welcome any and all love!  I want everyone to feel safe and supported when they choose to work with me and know they will be cared for in my presence and with my photos.

I believe all bodies are beautiful and deserve to be celebrated.  Think boudoir isn't for you?  Think again, I gotchu and will be your biggest cheerleader - let's make some magic happen!

Specialization with Autism

I believe every person, child and family deserves the best when it comes to photography and the services I offer.  I have had the immense honor of working with multitudes of families with neurodivergent children as well as adults and specialize in working with people with ASD.  I have made it my goal to offer the best experience possible to capture memories for everyone.  I believe neurodivergent people are like a rainbow, which is a spectrum of color, beautiful and vibrant, and each person with ASD is a unique and beautiful spectrum who deserves to be comfortable and happy with their photos.  I have completed training with the CAPTAINS Program (California Autism Professional Training and Information Network), as well as Autism Speaks and have personalized training sessions with a CA certified Behavioral Psychologist who specializes in ASD to help me develop the best methods and techniques for creating a welcoming, calm and enjoyable photography experience for every person I work with.  EVERY family is beautiful unique and I will provide compassion, patience and care to everyone who trusts me with documenting their lives.

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